Parking Sensors

Modern vehicles can feature more technology than ever before. In particular, there are a number of attractive driver assist systems that can improve safety dramatically. C&N Car Services can supply a number of these top of the line products. We offer comprehensive solutions and great value for money. If you are considering parking sensors installation, we have the service for you.

How do they work?

There are two different types to choose from; ultrasonic and electromagnetic. Each type can also feature cameras to show the driver what is around the vehicle.

Ultrasonic sensors emit a wave that will rebound off surrounding objects. The sensor will receive the waves that are rebounded and calculate how close the object is. They can also detect changes in the length or spectrum of the wave, determining things like how large the object is. A beeping noise will be emitted as the distance closes, becoming constant when there is a risk of an impact.

Electromagnetic systems are a little different. The sensors generate a magnetic field around the vehicle. When the field is disturbed the system can calculate the location of the object and distance to it. Again, a tone will sound as the gap narrows, increasing in speed and loudness.

Benefits of parking sensors installation

Parking sensors can provide an array of benefits for drivers. Firstly, as the name suggests, they can dramatically reduce the risk of a collision when attempting to park. They detect all surrounding objects and alert the driver when they get too close. This can improve safety and also makes it easier to park in those tight spaces.

Some systems also provide benefits when you are driving. They will alert you when objects are in close proximity so you know not to brake heavily or change lanes without checking. They can be great for detecting when other vehicles are in your blind spots.

Another advantage some drivers may find is that the sensors reduce their insurance payments. The technology boosts safety after-all and reduces the risk of collisions that could result in a claim.

A first-class garage

C&N Car Services offers top of the line systems and can cater for an array of different requirements. Our team are professional, making us a reliable name for parking sensors installation. We can fit rear parking sensors to your vehicle from as little as £150. If you have any questions for us please get in touch.

C&N Car Services are proud members of Servicesure, AutoCare, Approved Garages, Trading Standards, the RMI (Retail Motor Industry Federation) and the IMI (Institute of Motor Industry), all of which underpins our commitment to superior customer service and outstanding workmanship on your vehicle.

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