Tips for owning a motorhome

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Owners should keep their motorhomes in the best condition

There are many different things that you need to think about when you own a motorhome. This helps keep it in good condition for longer, and gives you peace of mind knowing you are less likely to have a surprise issue in the future. We can help you with any problems that may need fixing, but it is important you take steps to prevent damage. It is also important you notice issues as soon as possible, before they get worse.

Always be careful with loading

Before you go on a trip, make sure you are aware of the legal weight limit of your motorhome. This information, such as the maximum axle weight and payload is usually given provided by the manufacturer. Have a look in the owner’s handbook and manual. It is easy to overfill your vehicle with things you think you will need. If you plan on going abroad, always double check the rules for each country so you know what to carry in your vehicle.

It is important to think about how you load your items to ensure they are safe. You should place anything loose somewhere secure. This especially goes for anything high up in cupboards. These can easily fall out during transit, hurting you or your motorhome. Make sure you have good fastenings for cupboards or other storage containers. It is also important to stow any heavy items low, as these can cause serious damage.

Think about damp

It is easy to develop damp, and this will make your motorhome smell musty. Look for watermarks, stains and possible mould. Open all doors, windows and any skylights to air out your vehicle on occasion. There are a few different checks that you can also do, like checking tyre pressure and fluids.

Motorhomes will require spring cleaning just like your home. Start off by throwing away anything you no longer need. Get rid of dirt and dust to prevent deterioration. It’s important that you prepare when winter comes around too. Make sure to clean and remove any food left over from trips.

When not using the vehicle it is a good idea to check on it every few weeks for signs of weather damage. Be sure to check for leaks in particular. As with cars, it can be bad for them to be sat in one spot for long, so if it is possible with the weather, take your vehicle for a ride to get the tyres going.

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