The truth about motorhome servicing

“Servicing isn’t necessary”

False. If you want to keep your vehicle in good shape for as long as possible, it is vital to service it. Take a look in your vehicle’s handbook and it will tell you when the manufacturer recommends you do this. Typically though, it is every year.

When it comes to motorhomes, servicing goes beyond the standard one your car would receive. The habitation areas also need attention including the water, gas and electric systems. This is to check for the safety and issues such as damp which is a common occurrence.

“Leave the maintenance to the mechanics”

False. Many people are under the impression that servicing is just basic car maintenance. The truth is that the skills and knowledge our mechanics have allow them to perform a detailed check on your vehicle. They can then carry out any required work after discussing it with you. So, it is something you cannot ignore.

Something else people believe is that if you have your motorhome serviced, it will be fine. You should also be carrying out basic maintenance yourself. A lot of jobs you can do yourself with next to no knowledge and skill. All you need is basic information to identify when an issue may be present so you can get it checked. You will also want to be able to change the lights, oil, coolant and other fluids as the levels must be correct.

“Services involve the same things every year”

False. This is something we hear often. When we take a look at your motorhome, we can check for any issues that may be present or developing. Therefore, sometimes it can take longer and require different levels of work.

One thing that stays the same is the benefits of a service like ours. You can increase the life expectancy of your vehicle and allow it to run effectively. So, go to the best for quality motorhome services. Contact C&N Car Services on 0151 523 4555 today.

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