The Summer can Take it’s Toll on Your Car

The best way to ensure that this happens is with servicing. Ours is a business that provides the highest calibre Liverpool car service there is. We have skilful, expert staff and stellar equipment to keep you on the road.

As we move ever close to summer, we feel it is necessary to discuss the problems warm weather brings to your car. This time of years can be just as hard on your vehicle as the winter is.

To help, we have put together a guide that details the most common issues. In addition, we will talk about the solutions to them. With the following information in hand, you will be able to keep moving in the summer.

Battery Trouble

When it comes to summer breakdowns, batteries are the leading cause. Problems arise because of more stop-start activity. It is not simply in traffic, but with more short trips where people are at holiday spots or home. Moreover, there are scenarios where the entire family will load up for long journeys. They will often be in slow traffic while having all their entertainment products plugged in. This places more demand on the alternator and battery.

If your battery is on the older side, you might want to think about replacing it. Do so before going on any long trips. Be careful when taking several short trips in a small amount of time too. If you are, you may want to keep most of the entertainment devices unplugged. It could also be worth your time examining and charging the battery once a week at least. Do so if you are using it frequently.


As for the clutch, they can take a big beating in the summer heat. Due to the busier roads, there is going to be more slow moving traffic. If you are driving somewhere unfamiliar with unexpected terrains or hills, this will put more strain on your clutch too. In order to prevent this, you should familiarise yourself with the roads.

One of the biggest causes of failing clutches however is towing. If you fail to load everything properly, expect to have trouble. See to it that your car has the right towing capacity before you leave. If you have general concerns about your clutch, speak to us. We supply the finest Liverpool car service.

Tyre Punctures

Tyres are problematic as well, especially in cases where you don’t have a spare. Punctures can occur at any point. The thing about summer though is that drivers cover more miles on more roads. In other words, there is a higher chance of a puncture happening. If there are more passengers than normal, then this is going to place additional pressure on the tires too. Overcoming this problem is simple enough; all you need to do is see whether your car has a spare before heading off. It is also a good idea to check your tyres before any long journeys.

At C&N Car Services, we will assist you with any and all of your problems. We understand what it takes to keep cars safely on the road all year round. In addition, we will offer you helpful advice on preventing issues in the future.

If you require a top tier Liverpool car service, make sure you contact us. We can book a suitable appointment for you.

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