The simple mistakes that cause MOT failures

Another reason would be that we understand the changes that occur with the testing requirements. Everyone here stays up to date so we can offer the best possible experience.

For most drivers, going in for an MOT is nothing short of tense. Anyone who owns an older car may predict a few failures. These can result in a large bill. There are many common causes for test failures. However, several of them are actually straightforward and easily avoidable. The following are amongst the most minor of causes.

What condition is your registration in?

You might not know this, but having an unacceptable registration plate is one of them. Your number plates can let you down if their colour is incorrect. They can’t display any illegal fonts either, including space and size. The plates also cannot be unreadable, filthy, or insecure for that matter. Just make certain yours aren’t in a poor condition in general and you should be fine on that front.

Obstructive stickers

Stickers the tester considers obstructive will also cause your car to fail. This will include any on the windscreen as well as attachments. Examples of an attachment would be workplace or residential parking passes. None of these can block your view of what lies ahead in any respect.

Keep things clear

Be careful not to have any inoperable washers on your car too. Headlamp and windscreen washers can become blocked and prevent you from passing the MOT. Washers that lack sufficient fluid is even enough for failure. The reasoning here is they can’t work to preserve the driver’s clear view. If you are due for a Car MOT, Liverpool can offer you no garage superior to ours.

The doors and bonnet

If the vehicle has any dodgy doors, make sure you don’t go to the MOT centre with them. It is a requirement that the passengers are able to open your rear doors from the exterior. A handle that is missing or broken will lead to a fail. A bonnet or boot you can’t close securely shall also stop your car from passing the MOT.

What is that sound?

Don’t expect the tester to ignore any horrible horns either. Whenever a car’s horn is not in top condition, it will fail the MOT. They have to be loud enough that other road users have no problem hearing them. You can’t deafen them however. They must be suitably uniform or continuous too. Anything grating or harsh is banned. So are two-tone noises, sirens, bells, and gongs.

Book a car MOT in Liverpool

At C&N Car Services, we have a spacious, contemporary testing centre that has all the essentials. We welcome any driver that requires our assistance. Every test is comprehensive and we will offer advice if we think there is anything that will result in a fail. We can also provide some repairs to help you pass.

Should they need a car MOT Liverpool locals know they can depend on us. If we can help you as well, please let us know.

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