The importance of checking motorhomes for corrosion

A motorhome MOT is a vital form of care for your vehicle. It keeps you as well as other road users safe. You need to make sure you arrange for this annual check on time with skilled professionals. It is illegal to drive the vehicle on the road without a valid MOT.

MOTs help keep Britain’s roads safe

The purpose of this test is to ensure vehicles comply with roadworthiness standards. There are approximately 27 million vehicles that get an MOT in Britain every year. When this test first began in the early 1960s, it was basic and looked at things like brakes, steering, and lights. Now though, it covers various areas to ensure vehicles are safe.

The dangers of corrosion

Corrosion is a problem you likely have some experience with, but maybe not with your vehicle. If it is present, it can make it incredibly dangerous to drive. While you likely won’t know what to look for, and understandably so, MOTs detect things like this. Corroding parts can be deadly if they are not discovered early enough. This is why it is so important to check for issues, especially in older vehicles.

It is important that the person testing your vehicle takes the time and effort to inspect safety-critical parts for corrosion. This includes the axles, brakes and the steering column.

Crucial checks

Firstly it is important to find out if there is any corrosion. This includes looking and using fingers for any areas you cannot see. After applying pressure, the area might feel weak or crumble. Any corrosion that reduces the strength or results in the structural weakness of important components will mean the MOT is a failure. Corrosion in other areas will likely only result in advising what to do to fix the issue.

Any repairs to areas with damage or corrosion need to be as strong as the original structure and must use suitable materials. It is also important that the plating and welding are attached to a load bearing part.

We can help by carrying out a motorhome MOT on your vehicle. C&N Car Services can also complete a wide number of jobs if we do discover any issues. To find out more or to book an appointment, contact us using 0151 523 4555, or the contact form on our site.

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