The Deeper Details of an MOT

That is exactly what we supply to our clients. We have a reputation as the number one place to come to for an MOT Liverpool has. You can rely on our expert team and the top tier equipment we use to do the job.

It is not easy looking after a vehicle

Having a motorcycle, car, or any kind of vehicle involves a fair amount of work. This is to ensure that you can drive it safely. The primary issue here though is the MOT. You must organise it each year after it turns three years old. For Northern Ireland, it is four years old.

In full, MOT is Ministry of Transport Test. Of course, this establishment does not exist anymore. Within the UK, roughly 53,000 individuals are eligible to take the test. Unsurprisingly, it is against the law to drive a vehicle that has not been able to pass the MOT. An exception to this is when you are travelling to a test. One other deviation would be when you are getting repairs that the MOT orders. Without a valid MOT, you driving could result in a fine of up to £1,000. For the greatest MOT Liverpool can provide, please speak to us.

MOT dates, exceptions, and pricing

What we shall do now is talk about how you can tell when your car requires an MOT. Prior to doing anything, you must know what the registration number is. As we said earlier, for new ones, the vehicle’s 3rd anniversary is when you need to get the first test. However, certain new vehicles must have the test when they reach their 1st anniversary. The following are examples of those that apply:

  • Ambulances
  • Taxis
  • Private passenger vehicles and ambulances – including 9 to 12 passenger seat models, 13 to 16 passenger seat models, and ones with over 16 passenger seats
  • Play buses

The maximum price you should pay for MOTs also differs depending on the design of the vehicle. Some prices are closer to £30 whereas others are around £125.

The duration of your MOT

As for how long an MOT lasts, the duration is one year. You can find the date where it runs out on your latest pass certificate. You are able to get an MOT as early as one month, minus one day, before it expires. At the same time, you can retain the same renewal date. Saying this, it is possible to get a test earlier than this point. Just be aware that the following year’s renewal date won’t be the same.

Allow us to Book you an MOT in Liverpool

At C&N Car Services, we are aware of how MOT tests can change so much in relatively short amounts of time. What we do to account for this is work closely with the DVLA. We learn of all the most recent updates and keep your vehicles in proper working order.

For the best MOT Liverpool can offer, please contact us. We will give you all the help you need and, if there are issues with your vehicle, we can provide some repairs.

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