Stay Safe in the Cold and Check Your Vehicle

While you might think you will be safe in your car driving around, you do need to take care. The cold weather can make it very dangerous to drive. In addition, it can harm your car. This includes the fact that plummeting temperatures can result in underlying mechanical issues escalating. C&N can help you care for your vehicle with our leading services. For example, we offer the MOTs Liverpool can rely on and much more.

You can complete a number of checks and take steps if you are someone who cares about your vehicle. This will help it stay in excellent condition throughout this cold period of the year. It is well worth it and will absolutely pay off.

Top up the anti-freeze

You need to keep your vehicle at a good temperature and topping up coolant is an important part of this. Low levels can result in your engine freezing so you need to check whether they are okay on a regular basis, especially when temperatures drop. You typically need a mixture of half antifreeze and half water for coolant. But, this can change between vehicles so check the handbook for the correct mixture and level.

Inspect the tyres

As you can imagine, the roads get wet and icy in the colder months. You need to prepare for this by making sure you look after your tyres. Check the tread depth along with pressure, including your spare. You also have the option to make the switch to winter tyres that have better cornering ability and grip if this is something you would like to do. We can check your tyres for you as a part of offering the MOTs Liverpool drivers could ask for.

What about the electrics?

Later in the year as days get colder, the nights also grow longer. For this reason, it is crucial that you check all your lights work. This is so that you can see where you are going, as well as ensuring you can see other drivers and they can see you. Take the time to clean all your lights as they can get incredibly dirty. You also need to check they are all working as they should do.

Make sure the wipers can move properly

There is the possibility that your wipers will freeze to the windscreen when the weather is very cold. This can result in a blown fuse and motor issues. Another thing to be aware of is that wipers don’t last forever. You will need to replace them around every 6 months or if you discover any cracks and splits. Try to cover your vehicle at night. This will protect the windscreen and wipers from harsh temperatures.

Booking MOTs in Liverpool

If you want to avoid a breakdown, or a huge repair bill from an issue you could have prevented or dealt with when it was in its much earlier stages, turn to us. We complete various work including MOTs Liverpool drivers can turn to when they are looking for a great service.

Why not reach out to speak to the C&N Car Services team? We would be more than happy to discuss our services with you.

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