New MOT rules mean your vehicle could fail

When you need an MOT Aintree has nobody better than C&N Car Services Limited. We offer tests for cars as well as motorhomes.

When did the rules change?

The rules for MOTs changed on 20 May 2018. The change was so that the rules comply with the European Union Roadworthiness Package. As a result tests are far more comprehensive and vehicles can fail for a number of reasons.

The news was not all bad though. It was a positive for anyone who drives classic vehicles. As a result of the change, a new rule came in that says vehicles whose first registration was 40 years or more before the date, no longer need an MOT.

What is the biggest change?

The major thing that is different about the MOT is categorisation for faults. There are now three different levels:

  • Minor
  • Major
  • Dangerous

Faults in the first category may not cause a vehicle to immediately fail the test. However, they are generally issues that a vehicle owner will want to look at in the near future.

A major or dangerous fault will result in immediate failure of the MOT. The vehicle owner will have to arrange repairs and retesting before they can drive safely on the road.

Another big change

The other big rule change regards dashboard monitoring. Modern vehicles have a dashboard full of lights to indicate various issues, from fuel to tyre pressure. The new MOT rules state that if even a single light is on, the vehicle will fail the test.

Most common reasons for failure

As the top garage for MOT Aintree has, we have seen all kinds of things cause a vehicle to fail. Official research for Continental Tyres shows that the three most common reasons are lights (30%), brakes (17%) and tyres (10%).

Surprisingly issues with lights are usually easy to resolve. In most cases all it takes is for people to test that each light works properly before they go for the MOT. If a light is broken or the bulb is dead, replacing them is relatively easy. It is also a better option than failing the MOT.

Brakes are harder to check but if you have soft pedals or lower braking power than before, it could be that you need to replace the brake fluid. It is good practice to do this every two years.

During the MOT, the technician will measure the tread of your tyres to make sure they are safe. You can have a look at this yourself before going to the garage. The legal minimum is 1.6mm. If you are anywhere close to this you should get new tyres. Again this is better than failing the test.

Diesel vehicles

If you drive a diesel vehicle, there are two other major issues that could result in an MOT failure. The first is the AdBlue warning light. If you don’t have enough exhaust fluid the light will come on. As this is a dashboard light, your vehicle will fail.

The other issue with diesel vehicles is the DPF. When it fills with soot a warning light will come on. You will fail if this is lit up when you go for an MOT. If the DPF has been tampered with or emits visible smoke you will also fail.

Book an MOT in Aintree

If you want to arrange MOTs, whether for a car or a motorhome, rely on C&N. We have a great reputation for offering a service that is professional yet friendly. In addition, we don’t have any issues accommodating large motorhomes.

We recommend you call us if you need to book an appointment. We can schedule it for you and get you booked in so you get the highest quality MOT Aintree can offer. If you have any questions, or need advice, contact us.

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