Never underestimate the significance of servicing

Our technical expertise also ensures that we will do the job as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Don’t try cutting costs with servicing

The significance of car servicing is one thing you must not underestimate, not ever. Sadly a number of drivers decrease the number of times they service their vehicle if they have financial problems. In our experience, it is clear that many breakdowns are the result of drivers failing to look after their property correctly. As a result, looking to save money by skipping a service can cost more in the long run.

The following is what you must know about servicing. Read on and see why you should be investing in periodic services instead of taking a risk with your vehicle.

The costs are worth it

Firstly, we will talk about the costs of servicing. We shall be the first ones to admit that the service isn’t cheap. However, neglecting this essential task can lead to you paying more. For instance, engine oil can age. When it does, its lubricating abilities degrade. The less lubrication in your engine, the less effectively you can expect it to function. This will result in you paying more for fuel. In addition, engines demand that many components operate in perfect harmony. Therefore, if you have issues with one of the cheaper components, it can turn into a highly costly failure.

Follow the recommended intervals

Next, we are going to reveal why you need to follow the recommended service intervals. Car manufacturers test their vehicles and go all the way to the breaking point. Then they introduce tolerances within their servicing intervals. They do this with the assumption that we are not going to manage servicing our vehicles on the nail of thousands of miles. However, when you push these tolerances too much, everything begins to fail. The result is usually a series of expensive repairs.

Make yourself some money

Servicing can help you make money too. When you go in for a comprehensive car service, see to it that you have the log book stamped. Moreover, you will want to retain the invoice itemising all the work. When you try to sell the car, you will be able to reassure any potential buyers. You can show them the entire servicing history right there. Even better, those vehicles with a service history are typically worth more than ones without.

The frequency of servicing

One final detail we will talk about is the frequency at which you should actually get a service. In truth, the length varies between cars. To determine whether your vehicle requires a service, you can look at the handbook. Something else you should know is that more cars are coming with digital displays. These count down the number of miles or days until you must go to your next service.

Come to us when you need a comprehensive car service

At C&N Car Services, we have skilful staff to take on every servicing job. Furthermore, they make use of a fully equipped facility that includes the latest equipment and technology. If you need a comprehensive car service, please contact us. We will book you an appointment.

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