Motorhome habitation checks are crucial

The vehicle’s mechanics aren’t the only thing that needs a service every year though; the habitation area also does. This area includes where you sleep, eat and sit. Fortunately we an provide extensive motorhome servicing at C&N Car Services.

Why it’s important to check your motorhome

Within your vehicle’s warranty, you will find its terms and conditions. In this section, somewhere it will advise on an annual service for the habitation area. It is possible for your vehicle to develop damp, faulty windows and numerous other issues. This is why a service is vital. Additionally, if you carry out regular habitation checks, you can catch faults early; saving you money.

If you ever need to sell your motorhome on, you will require a conditions check. So, staying on top of this with a habitation service is worth it. Also, doing this will make sure you get a rough idea of the value.

What to expect from motorhome servicing

If you consider undergoing habitation servicing, you will need to know the costs and what checks to expect. The following are some of them:

  • Damp. What is potentially harmful to us, is thoroughly checked for. When carrying out testing, the damp report determines whether it needs immediate action or not.
  • Electric systems. This check is crucial as motorhome’s require working systems to make them liveable. You can expect testing of lights, circuit breakers, sockets and other systems. Furthermore, a check for the RCD trip time is necessary.
  • Water system. Every tap undergoes testing, as well as valve seals. Moreover, waste water outlets and anti freeze levels are checked.

In addition to the checks above, the service involves a fire, gas and ventilation test. Do keep in mind, some centres don’t test specific appliances such as air conditioning and fridges. Therefore it’s important to ask what’s included, for your peace of mind.

If you need motorhome servicing, contact C&N Car Services today. We provide reliable services and have the right facilities to accommodate various types of vehicle.

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