Motorhome fault finding is vital

Therefore it is also up to as owners to spot any issues in-between the testing. Keeping this in mind, if warning lights appear on your dashboard you shouldn’t ever ignore them.

What is a dashboard?

A motorhome’s dashboard is a self diagnostic system within the vehicle’s electronics. It’s alternatively named European On Board Diagnostics (EOBD). The purpose of its design and assembly is for monitoring the vehicle’s systems. There are particular features to highlight faults and help to control exhaust emissions.

For you to indicate faults, use the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) on your dashboard. Additionally with this system, if your vehicle produces high emissions it can put your motorhome into ‘limp mode’, as a precaution. Along with this, there are other light indicators on the MIL that will require attention.

To effectively diagnose a light from the MIL, you must use the EOBD system scanner. The scanner will support you in a full diagnostic procedure. A light on the MIL can turn on because of numerous reasons. For instance, with diesel engines to the timing belt jumping can trigger it. Another example is a clogged air filter. If these problems aren’t addressed as soon as possible it will cause more damage.

Fast diagnostics

Thankfully modern diesel motorhomes have many sensors installed. These installations speed up diagnostic procedures, especially when compared to older methods. Some sensors fitted on the vehicle include pressure, coolant, exhaust temperatures, air flow, and before and after the catalytic converter.

Obviously, the indicating systems are helpful on one level. But, it won’t always inform you what needs fixing. It’s down you to know. Otherwise, you can rely on the services of a professional garage to help you.

Motorhome MOTs can identify serious issues. If you know your vehicles requires such a test, please contact C&N Car Services today to book an appointment.

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