More tips to help you care for your motorhome

There are two things you need to do; get the right insurance and invest in motorhome services. The first protects you in case there are any issues. The latter reduces the likelihood of mechanical problems and other things that could require costly repairs.

In addition to insurance and servicing you should be proactive with maintaining the vehicle. Regardless of the season and your plans to drive it, you should still carry out basic maintenance.


When tyres sit for a long period of time in between trips, problems can occur despite a vehicle not being on the road. Cracks in the walls are possible, so look if they are there. As well as inspecting your tyres visually, you should look at the pressure and tread depth, including the spare one. In your motorhome handbook you should be able to find the recommended pressure.


Your battery powers the motorhome. Before any long journey you should check it as you don’t want to be left stranded, especially in an unfamiliar location. You should also be sure that the lights will work. After all, they are essential for the safety of everyone in the motorhome and others on the road. A lot of people forget that along with the lights, fuses and bulbs also need checking.


If you want your vehicle to remain in running shape, all the necessary fluids need to be at the right levels. The oil, power steering, brake, and washer are some of the ones that need your attention. It is not a tough job but making sure they’re not low can ensure you avoid an emergency on the road.

Professional Work

Servicing and MOTs are things that you cannot neglect to arrange for your vehicle. This allows you to know that it is safe to use and that there are no issues that you do not know about. The service will even include checks of the habitable area, ensuring everything here is safe too.

Remembering motorhome services and care will allow you to save time and money. It will also help retain the value of the vehicle. If you want to choose experts who will look after your motorhome through premier work, contact us today.

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