Is Your Motorhome Ready for the Winter?

As a result, we are ready for every situation. Since this is the case, people consider us the leading business for motorhome servicing in Liverpool has available.

Look after your motorhome when it is cold

There is always going to be that time of year when we experience cold and wet weather. We tend to get the worst of it in the winter. During this season, you should be taking steps to look after your motorhome. Doing so will result in fewer trips to the garage.

It is not always possible to use motorhomes during the winter. The driving conditions could be terrible or there could be no sites open for you to visit. To avoid any issues, you can use the advice on winter motorhome maintenance below.

Draining the water

Our first piece of advice is to drain the water system. The majority of motorhomes come with an exterior tap that lets owners drain water. If you are unsure of how to do this, you can have an expert look at it. You must empty the water completely. This way, it won’t freeze when temperatures become too low. Remember to drain the waste tank and water heater as well.

Cleaning out

You should also remove any food and clean the vehicle. Motorhomes can quickly turn into cosy and warm refuges for rats, mice, and similar rodents in winter. Therefore, you must empty the food cupboards. While you are at it, hoover up the dirt and crumbs to prevent any intrusions. For the finest motorhome servicing Liverpool can offer, speak to us.

Cover the vents

Make sure you cover any outside vents as well. When it is winter, there is often a lot of windy weather. Once you return, you could find anything from insects to leaves hiding inside the vents. Most vents will come with special covers to stop this. However, another practical solution would be to use tape and polythene.

Protect the electrics

Something else you need to do is waterproof the electrics in the engine bay. You could be storing your motorhome outside or inside. Whatever the circumstances, it is essential that you safeguard exposed electrical connections. To keep moisture out and prevent rust, use a light spray of WD40.

Don’t let the motorhome out of your sight or mind

Finally, but importantly, keep your eyes on the motorhome. Do everything you can to avoid the out of sight, out of mind trap. Inspect the vehicle once a month at the very least. Look at details like engine coolant, clutch fluid, and tyre pressure. You will do yourself a favour by looking at these and other areas frequently. Even if it is by just a few inches, attempt to move your motorhome. By doing so, it won’t remain on the same part of tyre the whole time it is in storage.

Speak to us about Motorhome Servicing in Liverpool

At C&N Car Services, our goal is to keep your vehicles in a healthy state. To ensure that we are performing all the right checks, we follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. We also use our own extensive experience to take a close look at each vehicle.

If you need the aid of the best motorhome servicing Liverpool has to offer, please contact us. We can arrange an appointment for you at our independent garage.

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