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Being experts on motorhome MOTs, we can assess the vehicle’s condition and inform you whether there are any issues present that need resolving. If you are after a dependable, first class service, we recommend that you pay us a visit.

MOTs cover various different aspects of the vehicle. Without a doubt, one of the most vital areas the tester is required to look at is the brakes. As far as they go, there isn’t much you, the owner, can examine, aside from the fluid quantity of course. If you are lucky enough to have permission to go onto someone else’s personal road though, a fundamental brake balance trial can be carried out.

Start off by driving on a level road at a leisurely speed and release your brake and wheel firmly yet smoothly. If your motorhome fails to cease moving in a direct line this is a sure sign that there are balance complications that must be seen to. Additionally, this is also a magnificent way of discovering if everything that’s inside is stowed in a safe manner.

Several other problems can arise with brakes aside from balance trouble. Any fluid leaks for example will lead to an instant MOT fail. The fluids are what make the brakes effective, therefore if any manage to leak the results could be catastrophic. If there’s an uneven brake performance you’re unaware of, you’ll certainly be told of its presence during the test. A thorough investigation into the situation is typically needed, but it normally manifests due to lopsided adjustments or worn out components.

At C&N Car Services, we offer a very cost effective service, one motorhome owners have been using in favour of authorised dealers since the mid 80s. Any work that must be completed shall only be done so after we’ve received your consent and the invoice we give you will include all the compulsory details.

If there’s anything we can help you during preparations for or following motorhome MOTs, simply let us know. We are happy to help and always deliver an outstanding level of service.

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