How to keep your motorhome in great shape all year round

Visual Checks

While you may not know a lot about how your motorhome runs and the internal mechanisms, there is still a lot you can do for it. Through minor work and checks you can keep an eye on common issues which may need addressing. Regardless of how minor a problem might appear, being swift is the best approach, so do not wait.

  1. Tyres – They are very important, ensuring your vehicle can grip the road in various conditions. As well as ensuring the tread depth meets the minimum 1.6mm, you must also remember the spare. The same goes for the pressure as this must match what is set out by the manufacturer. Don’t risk a long trip without ensuring the pressures are right.
  2. Fluids – Take a look at all of your fluid levels and do not forget any. These need topping up regularly to stop them from getting too low.
  3. Lights – Before heading out you may want to make sure all of your lights are in working order. It is simple enough to check and replace any that may not be working.


It is normal that when you own a motorhome you only use it for a few weeks per year. When it is stationary, there are still things you can do for it. There are many covers out there on the market so that you can find one to match the size and shape of your vehicle. This protects it against water, UV rays and other environmental factors. The tyres may need covering too.

Professional Services

Whether it is an MOT or servicing that you are looking for we would love to help you. By remembering to care for your motorhome you not only avoid costly errors but also ensure you stay safe. It is therefore vital that you stay on top of these and make sure that you get them done every year when they are due.

Despite what the name suggests, at C&N Car Services our work is comprehensive and covers motorhomes too. With our spacious garage and expert staff, you will be in good hands with us. If you want to care for your vehicle then contact us and make the most of our quality motorhome services today. We cater for all kinds, from smaller models to huge tourers.

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