How often should I service my car and why is it necessary?

For us, it is essential that we satisfy everyone who visits us. After all, we want every vehicle to be safe on the road and a pleasure to drive.

A question that every driver should ask early on is how often they should get car servicing. With frequent services, you will be able to keep the vehicle running properly. Moreover, you can uncover budding issues much sooner. This will lower the chances of more serious faults developing later on. Additionally, you are less likely to experience a breakdown.

Manufacturer’s recommendation

The recommendation by manufacturers is that you should service your car every 12 months, or every 12,000 miles. It is all down to which one comes first. Certain cars come with a self-diagnostic system. These advise users when they need to have servicing. Drivers should never ignore any warning signs, even if they have yet to reach the aforementioned limits.

One mistake people tend to make with servicing however is confusing it with an MOT. They believe the two are interchangeable. Yet, they have very different purposes. An MOT supplies you with a technical safety examination of your car. As for the service, it assesses the wear and tear. Furthermore, as part of it, the technician will replace fluids and components when it is necessary.

Reasons for servicing

Another question people ask is why they should have their car serviced. In truth, there are plenty of reasons. A service shall perform vital checks to central elements of a vehicle to make certain everything is operating as it should. At the same time, it can tell you whether you need to replace any parts. Standard examinations include the suspension and braking system to check they don’t fail when you need them. Our Liverpool car service won’t leave anything out.

Deteriorating components

Servicing is also important due to the degrading parts in your vehicle. This is usually gradual. Since this is the case, frequent services are especially crucial with high mileage models. You can use a service to discover problems before they happen. Doing so shall provide you with time so you can consider how to approach and tackle the issues.

Preserve the value

You can maintain the value of your car with servicing too. Anyone who has sold a vehicle privately will tell you how competitive the second hand market is. The thing about buyers is they tend to expect more for their money. A car that has a complete service history shall have a better chance of attracting buyers. You can likely sell it for a higher price too.

Something else services can aid you with is saving on costs. With frequent ones, expect to save money on fuel. Regularly changing air filters and refreshing oil will enable your engine to function smoothly. As a result, it will be more fuel efficient.

Liverpool car service

You can always count on C&N Car Services. The garage where we offer our car servicing is a member of the GROUPAUTO network. Everyone here works to a code of practice that the TSI has approved. Not to mention, we are audited independently to make sure we stick to the finest standards and systems.

If you need us, please get in touch. It is our pleasure to serve Liverpool and the rest of the North West, offering a consistent car service for any kind of vehicle. This even includes hybrid cars. Book today or speak to us about why you should be servicing your vehicle regularly

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