Here’s the Truth About Car Servicing

However, you need to be careful. You don’t want to go somewhere that does not possess the technical equipment or expertise to offer a top calibre solution. This isn’t the case with us. We are the foremost garage providing a full service Liverpool has.

Like with every subject, there are myths surrounding car servicing that people follow blindly without question. Being experts, we can safely say this is not a smart move. We don’t want you making the same mistakes. Therefore, we are going to discuss some of the most common myths and the truths that go with them.

Oil Changes

The first myth is that you have to change your engine oil every 3,000 miles. This is incorrect. Ignore anything you hear from the oil companies and shops. Instead, follow the advice that you find inside the owner’s manual.

Under regular driving conditions, the majority of vehicles can go for 7,500 miles or over between each oil change. Changing your oil more frequently isn’t going to hurt the engine, but it can waste your money.

Saying this, you might be someone doing a lot of travelling through dusty or mountainous areas. Additionally, you may do a fair amount of trailer-towing or stop-and-go driving. In these cases, a change every 3,000 miles could benefit you.

Flushing Coolant

This next myth talks about how you should flush your coolant with each oil change. The recommendation from most owner manuals is actually to change your coolant every 60,000 miles or five years. What you should do though is examine the car for leaks if you notice low reservoir levels. Sometimes, levels can be low despite regular top offs.

Fuel Grades

Something else people say is that premium fuel must be better if regular grade fuel is decent. This is one of the most expensive errors people make. Most motors are going to operate well on regular grade fuel. Filling a car using premium won’t damage it. However, the performance won’t change either.

Higher-octane fuels don’t have as much of a chance of causing pre-ignition issues. Because of this, individuals use them for high-compression, hotter-running engines. If you are after a superior full service Liverpool residents can rely on, talk to us.

Warming Up

Another myth is that you should warm your car up for a few minutes before you start driving. This advice is out of date in truth. Actually driving your vehicle is the quickest way of warming up a contemporary engine. The faster it warms up, the quicker it shall supply you with the finest performance and mileage. Avoid revving the engine too much for the first few miles too.

The Best Full Service in Liverpool

At C&N Car Services, we are capable of working with numerous models and makes of cars. In addition, we keep the skills of our technicians sharp by giving them up to date training. The result is the best full service Liverpool can give.

If you require our aid, please contact us. We recommend you call and speak to a member of our team but you can also contact us via e-mail.

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