Forgetting to Book Your MOT Test can be Problematic

We inform you of everything upfront. In addition, we keep ourselves up to date with all the latest rules to ensure we can keep doing our job properly.

For a moment, let’s imagine that the fact your MOT test is due has skipped your mind entirely. You then realise too late to book an appointment. Right now, you are in a situation where you have to choose driving without an MOT for a few days or losing out on some work. For individuals whose vehicle is their livelihoods, we know this might seem like a problematic choice. However, picking the first option can be much worse if you get caught.

The penalties

At any point whilst driving, the police can stop and ask you to present a valid copy of your MOT. Failing to do this can have massive consequences. Sometimes, they will let you off with a warning. In some other scenarios however, you won’t be as lucky. In fact, you could leave with a large fine. Penalties for having no MOT can be as much as £1,000.

If you own a van that others see as unroadworthy, things can escalate further. For vans that are in a dangerous state, you can face a fine of £2,500. Furthermore, you will get 3 points on your license for each fault. You could already have points on your license. If you do, having a broken light and a couple of damaged tires could result in a 2-year driving ban.

Rather than run the risk, contact us to get the greatest MOT service available in Liverpool. We will help you to schedule the test and remind you about when it is due.

Can I travel without an MOT at all?

For those wondering whether there is a time you can travel without your MOT, the answer is no. You cannot drive a vehicle that is more than three years old without an MOT. The sole exception is when you are going to a garage for the test. Don’t try to exploit this excuse though. If the police stop you, you will have to show proof that the appointment is taking place. You shall suffer the same penalties as everyone else otherwise.

As for whether your van or car insurance is valid without an MOT, it won’t be in the majority of cases. Therefore, if there is an accident, you will need to pay for the repairs on your own. Another possibility is having the vehicle written off. You will have to pay even more if the incident was your fault.

Liverpool MOT Services

At C&N Car Services, we keep all our clients’ vehicles roadworthy. We do this by offering the finest Liverpool MOT service available. Standards always remain high here. So, if you are due an MOT sometime soon, please consider organising it with us.

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