Care for your motorhome

There are different things you should remember to do because vigilance is the best option. As well as getting a vital motorhome MOT, these are some of the other measures you can take.

The Vehicle

Simple checks on the mechanics can help you to avoid a breakdown. They don’t take much effort or knowledge and will greatly reduce the likelihood of delays in your journey. This includes oil, coolant and brake levels. The tyres are also essential so ensure the pressure is correct and the tread depth is at least the legal 1.6mm requirement.

Always ensure that you have enough fuel for the journey. Keep in mind that the battery drains faster in hot conditions; check the levels before you set off. You should also give all lights around and in the vehicle a once over too.

Habitation Checks

As well as stocking up for the trip, you must take a look at the living area. Water, electrical and gas systems need essential safety checks. You should also let the air flow through on a regular basis to prevent damp. While you open all the doors and windows, you can also inspect for any corrosion, leaks or cracks.

If you do discover an issue it is best to address it straight away to prevent it developing into a worse and more costly situation.

MOTs and Servicing

Getting a professional to do a thorough check of your vehicle is essential. While an MOT is required by law, a service offers a more comprehensive examination of the different parts by an expert. If you take a look in your vehicle’s handbook, it will say when the manufacturer recommends you get it serviced, but it is roughly every year.

When you come to us you will get a courteous and professional service every time. We can carry out a range of repairs if they are necessary. By caring for your motorhome you can save a lot of time and money in terms of repair and end sale value. You can avoid MOT failures and generally make everything easier.

Whether you are looking for a motorhome MOT or servicing, C&N Car Services can help. We have specialist knowledge as well as a large space to give your vehicle a thorough check. We would be happy to discuss anything with you further so don’t be afraid to get in touch.

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