Are these bad habits damaging your car?

In each case we will offer advice and recommendations. This is why we are the best choice if you are looking for car services near me in Liverpool or Aintree.

Many drivers damage their vehicles purely because of bad habits they pick up. The following are just a few of the things you may be doing that could be harming your vehicle.


It is surprising how much damage it can cause if you overload your vehicle. For example you put extra strain on the engine, the suspension, the gearbox and the brakes. You should try to avoid overloading as much as possible.

Keeping your hand resting on the gear stick

When you use the gear stick it will cause the selector fork to move and touch rotating components so you can change gears. Even a little bit of pressure can make the selector fork move. So, if you keep your hand on the gear stick you can actually encourage this and make the parts wear away faster.

Not changing the oil

An engine needs oil so that there is lubricant for the components. Without it, these parts would wear away fast because of the high friction. You need to do a full change periodically and top up the level if it gets too low. This ensures you have enough oil and that it can lubricate the parts efficiently. Finding car services near me is great here because the technician should change the oil for you.

Keeping the clutch partially in

People do this often when they are sitting in traffic or at lights. It lets them creep forward slowly and stop instead of braking. However, it causes more friction between the flywheel and clutch. Do it too much and you may need to replace parts sooner than you would have.

Braking before speed bumps

It is a natural reaction for many people to brake before they come to a speed bump. However, if you do this right before it you will put more pressure on the suspension. Braking drops the nose of the car and compresses the suspension. So, if you time it wrong you may scrape the underside of the car.

Ignoring tyre pressures

You should always ensure your tyres are the correct pressure. If they are under inflated there will be a larger surface area making contact with the road and therefore more friction. On the other hand, if the pressure is too high you will have less control and poorer handling.

Booking car services near me

car servicing near meIf you need to book servicing for a car you are welcome to come to C&N Car Services. We welcome people from Aintree, Liverpool, and the surrounding areas. Every service we provide is first rate and we look for all signs of wear and issues. On top of this we can advise you about things that could be causing more wear than necessary, including those above.

So, if you find yourself thinking you need to find car services near me, contact us. We recommend you call to find the perfect appointment.

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