Working out the cost of your motorhome service

When people are first time motorhome buyers, there are common misunderstandings of servicing costs. Luckily, many providers offer the needed advice to reassure them. We can do just that, explaining what goes in to motorhome service costs. Read on for some useful information on this topic.

One main issue vehicle owners have is they find outdated information on prices; some of which state excessive oil and filter change costs. Yet, this isn’t the case for a lot of modern motorhomes. Many variables can affect the cost though.

What common factors affect price?

The major factor for the price of an oil change depends on the specifications of the motorhome’s engine. Diesel engines need better quality oil and larger engine sizes require more of it; both result in a higher servicing price.

In addition to product costs, labour rates also factor in the overall price. If it takes longer to work on the vehicle the amount of labour you need to pay for will rise.

What also effects the size of the bill is if the motorhome services are carried out in independent workshops or not. Thankfully, many independent ones have low overheads and can offer more competitive prices as a result.

Does motorhome type change servicing costs?

For some older models, parts can be hard to source. For instance, a Fiat Ducato’s mechanical parts are difficult to obtain, particularly fuel and air filters. Other examples of difficult servicing are with A-class vehicles. For most of them, reaching the fuel filters is challenging, often making the mechanic work blind. The more labour intensive a job, generally the higher the expense.

Moreover, if the vehicle also needs wheel work it can affect pricing. Some old motorhome models have wheels that require more time to remove, usually down to the axle positioning. Also, tyre costs can mean a rise in overall service price.

C&N Car Services can assure you of transparent pricing with every motorhome service. We aim to provide clarity for all our clients, ensuring no confusion. If you need our services, contact us today.