Where to take your motorhome for its MOT

Owners have a responsibility to ensure that vehicles are safe to drive. To do this they must get regular testing and should also invest in services. In most instances a test is first necessary once the vehicle is 3 years old and then it needs one every year. If it is time for you to arrange a motorhome MOT, you can count on C&N.

A motorhome might be different from a car but you still need to ensure that it is road worthy. MOTs and servicing are essential, regardless of how often you use it or the last time you took it out. If you fail to do this, you are wasting your investment. You also increase the chance of an issue which will prevent you from being able to go on a trip problem-free.

The Right Place

Motorhomes typically fall under Class 4 for MOTs; this is the same as cars. While you might have somewhere in mind to arrange for your vehicle to go, don’t assume every testing centre will take it. The size and weight might call for a bigger ramp and somewhere with enough space to work on it. Check to make sure the provider can actually do the MOT.

If you are searching for a garage with the right facilities and premier equipment, turn to us. We can accommodate motorhomes thanks to the fact that we have plenty of space to carry out extensive checks of your vehicle. C&N is the place you can turn to for comprehensive servicing too.

Essential Care

motorhome MOTMotorhomes are very popular and tend to have quite a healthy sell on value. With this in mind you should ensure you take good care of the vehicle. One thing you should ensure is that it has a good service history. Make sure the provider is reliable and has had a good look at the motorhome every time you take it for MOTs and servicing.

We have the perfect solution for the needs of your vehicle. Call to book an appointment and receive advice on maintenance to keep it in great condition. Our talented team can complete a motorhome MOT and servicing on various makes and models. As a result you can come to us with confidence.