What’s the difference between a service and MOT?

Vehicles need a lot of care to ensure they are safe to drive. It is even more important with motorhomes because you are likely to spend time physically inhabiting them. With this in mind it is wise to invest in professional servicing and stay up to date on the MOT. When you’re looking for the best motorhome servicing and MOTs, we are the company for you.


You need an MOT by law. For almost all vehicles, you must get an annual check after it is 3 years old. The DVSA sets out a list of standards that deem your vehicle safe for the road. While you can certainly fail, the test itself does not include any of the required repairs. These must be done separately before it is re-tested. We have plenty of space to look at your motorhome and only use the best equipment.

During an MOT, technicians will not dismantle the vehicle and look at components. Thus, the mechanical parts are not looked at. If you want to ensure that your vehicle is in good shape all year round, get a service.


A service is a more in depth look at your vehicle. An MOT looks at the minimum requirements, whereas servicing gets it running as well as it could be. We can replace things such as the oil and filters. It may not be a legal requirement, but vehicle manufacturers highly recommend you opt for annual servicing.

When it comes to your motorhome, we can do a thorough inspection of the living areas too. We can inspect the electric, gas and water systems and check for any possible signs of damp. This ensures it stays in great shape. Also, if you ever decide to sell, a detailed, up to date service log book can drastically increase the price.

C&N Car Services is here if you’re looking for a quality service. As well as motorhome servicing you can depend on, we can give you relevant advice on topics such as maintenance. We are professional from start to finish and always prioritise the safety and wellbeing of drivers and motorhome occupants.