What you should expect from servicing your motorhome

A motorhome is an investment that you need to care for through the right maintenance. There are tasks that you can carry out yourself but when it needs an expert touch, you should rely on the C&N team. Our motorhome services will help keep it running and in great condition.

Some people will have never taken a vehicle in for servicing before so it can appear daunting. You might be unsure about what work they will do or not understand jargon relating to your vehicle. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions about a service; we are more than happy to answer any so that you get a better understanding.

What happens?

Servicing is basically a comprehensive check of your vehicle and its working parts. The mechanic will look at both the inside and outside of your motorhome to ensure that it is all running smoothly and as it should be. They will look at any parts that might be worn and need replacing. They can then tell you what they think you need to replace and what you might need to in the near future. A service will typically also include changing the oil and replacing the filter.

It is next to impossible to get an accurate price for servicing without details. This is because it will depend on factors like the age of the vehicle and date since it was last serviced, if ever. You should get in touch with us to talk about how long it will take and what work we will do.

Where should you go?

motorhome servicesUnfortunately, working on a motorhome isn’t the same as a car. As a result it can leave you looking for the right place to take your vehicle. You need somewhere with the right facilities to accommodate it and carry out first class work. This is why you should reach out to the C&N team.

We offer a number of motorhome services for different makes and models. You can learn about our work through our site or you can reach out if you have any questions.