What you need to know about taking your motorhome to a garage

Garages offer several services that help you care for your vehicle. This can include work like motorhome servicing and MOTs. However, you need the right information to help you choose where to take vehicles. You must make a wise choice when it comes to trusting people to take care of your investment.

Where is the best place to take your vehicle?

People often think that you need to go to the dealership for servicing. There are also some who that think this is the only way to keep a motorhome under warranty. However, this is not only often inconvenient and expensive, but not true.

You are not obliged to return to the dealer you bought your motorhome from for servicing. Just make sure the service uses parts approved by the manufacturer. The work must also meet their recommendations if you want to keep the vehicle warranty valid.

You should keep details of the service history and documentation. This is very helpful for your warranty. Additionally, it will help you when you come to sell the vehicle as it can increase the value.

Motorhome ServicingA wise move is to look at Approved Garages. This network consists of independent specialists that have been vetted and selected so that you know who you can trust. C&N is an approved garage and want to assure you that, with us, you will be in the best hands.

It can sound silly but make sure the garage has enough room for your vehicle. You might think that a business will definitely take your motorhome but this is not always the case. We happily carry out work on motorhomes. Thanks to our spacious garage, we can accommodate many vehicle makes and models.

Book a service with C&N

Don’t think that because of our name we only deal with cars. In addition to them, we complete highly beneficial motorhome servicing. We are passionate about ensuring that we provide our customers with an outstanding service. This is along with a stellar level of customer care all for a fantastic price.

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