What you need to know about converting a vehicle into a motorhome

There are various legal requirements for your vehicle such as ensuring you book your annual motorhome MOT. But as well as this, if you have a converted vehicle you have to ensure you take the right steps.

Sometimes people buy vehicles with the intention of converting them. But, you need to ensure that your vehicle has the correct classification. As well as this, work needs to comply with necessary rules. So if the vehicle meets the category of ‘motor caravan’, you need to return the V5C to the DVLA for body type amendment. This is so that their records are correct.

What Qualifies As A Motor Caravan?

Campervans and motorhomes fall in this area. With a converted space, it must have these present and correct for the classification:

  • A door for access to the accommodation area
  • A minimum of one window on the accommodation side
  • A water storage tank/container either in or on the vehicle
  • A permanently fixed seating area as well as a dining area with permanent mounting even if the table is detachable
  • A form of storage i.e. a cupboard (Permanently Fixed)
  • A bed with a minimum length of 1800mm or 6 feet (Permanently Fixed)
  • A gas or electric powered cooking facility in the vehicle (Permanently Fixed)

With all work complete, you will need to ensure that you register the vehicle in the correct manner. This must always be in line with the rules set out by the DVLA. They will require photographic evidence and a description of the changes made as well as any receipts.

Whether your vehicle is a conversion or original, stay safe and remember your motorhome MOT. At C&N Car Services we can complete a number of forms of work including MOTs, servicing and more. Our spacious garage and dedicated staff will provide you with nothing less than high quality results. Rely on our team and give us a call at 0151 523 4555.