What do motorhome MOTs include?

When it comes to motorhome MOTs, almost everyone follows the rules behind them. But many people are in the dark on what they actually involve. Almost all motorhomes are a part of the Class 4 MOT test, with a few exceptions.

Parts Checked

After a vehicle turns 3 years old, it must receive an annual MOT by an approved vehicle testing station.

The main elements of an MOT include:

– Steering, suspension and horn
– Tyres and brakes
– Electrics, especially lights and the battery
– Doors and mirrors
– Bodywork
– Seatbelts as well as seats
– Exhaust and emissions
– Fuel system
– Registration plate
– Mirrors, wipers and also the windscreen
– Vehicle Identification Number (VPN)

Steps To Take

A lot of people end up with a vehicle that has failed for something small. You can avoid some of the more common reasons by doing minor checks yourself. This should include the lights, wiper blades, all fluids and also the tyres.

If your vehicle does happen to fail it is not the end of the world. This is because we can complete various repairs to get it back to the roadworthy standards set out by the DVSA.

Servicing Is Very Different

On occasion we have come across people who are not aware that a service and an MOT cover different parts of your vehicle. The general mechanical condition isn’t looked at during an MOT. This means the engine, clutch and gearbox do not get inspected.

MOTs and services are both important to ensure that your motorhome stays in the best condition all year round. As a general rule you should have a service done once every year. If you take a look in your vehicle handbook, it will tell you after how many miles it should be done.

For motorhome MOTs and servicing, give C&N Car Services a call. We would be happy to give you more information as we understand people can have questions. We would love to be of assistance so feel free to contact our team.