Vehicle service mistakes that you don’t want to make

There are a huge number of vehicle owners who understand the importance of maintenance. This can be through carrying out checks and investing in motorhome services. Despite this, many make mistakes with vehicle care that can be dangerous and lead to fines.

Important Servicing Knowledge

motorhome servicesHalfords Autocentres carried out research on vehicle owners. This looked at driver’s knowledge of motoring laws as well as car maintenance. 44% of those people believed that using an independent garage for servicing would invalidate their warranty. However, this is far from the case. If the garage uses manufacturer-approved parts, it won’t affect it.

This is an important piece of information. People need to know that they have choice as this means they will be more likely to arrange a service.

Roughly 40% of new drivers were unaware of the 2018 MOT legislation changes. This included checks of dashboard warning lights. In addition there are stricter tests for diesel particulate filters. The DVSA revealed that since the changes, more than 1 million motorists have failed the MOT thanks to dangerous defects.

40% of those questioned did not know what the legal minimum tyre tread depth is. Failing to meet this can result in a £2,500 fine and 3 penalty points.

22% of people thought that there was no law about driving while your screen wash bottle is empty. On the contrary though, you face up to a £1,000 fine along with 3 penalty points.

Avoid These Mistakes

Approximately 85,000 breakdowns happen every year on British roads. It is estimated that maintenance can prevent about 40% of them. Therefore, you shouldn’t neglect vital vehicle care as this can result in costly repairs and more.

Visiting a reliable garage can be the difference between a swift journey and breaking down mid-way. You can carry out certain checks yourself such as ensuring you have the right fluid levels. We are always here to help through our specialist services.

Arrange a trip to C&N Car Services for comprehensive and affordable vehicle care. This includes essential motorhome services, making us the experts you can depend on.