Vehicle Diagnostics

Modern vehicles have powerful onboard computers to control and monitor various systems within a vehicle. As a result it can be much easier for technicians to find the cause of an issue and what kind of solution will be necessary. Vehicle diagnostics are immensely useful as a result. At C & N Car Services Limited we can provide services for a wide array of different vehicles.

Modern diagnostic equipment

Vehicle DiagnosticsWe are very proud to work with major diagnostic companies, ensuring our team have access to top of the line equipment. In addition every technician has extensive training. Whether there is a fault in the ABS, engine, or any other onboard system, we can find it efficiently. The diagnostic software clearly indicates what the problem is, providing information so we can resolve it.

Fault codes

Identifying problems is easier because of the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). These are stored in the onboard computer and indicate when a sensor detects an issue. Each code represents a particular problem area. The technician can look at the codes and compare them to those in the user manual. This points them in the right direction and shows what specific systems will require testing. The end result is they can find the exact issue.

Benefits of vehicle diagnostics

As we mentioned electronic diagnostics can help a technician to find a problem efficiently. The main benefit is that this technique saves a great deal of time. It also means there is no need to check several different things to see if they are causing the problem. In many cases diagnosing a problem can take around an hour.

The improvements in efficiency help to make the entire vehicle service cheaper. This is because a full scale inspection is no longer needed.

If you have discovered an issue with your vehicle and would like to arrange a professional check C & N Car Services Limited can cater for you. We offer excellent standards and great value for money. Ring us now for more information about vehicle diagnostics.

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