Tips for keeping your motorhome ready for servicing

It’s safe to say most don’t like or want to think about vehicle MOTs, especially for motorhomes; there’s so many components that could potentially make it fail it’s test. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. By getting motorhome servicing regularly and repairing when necessary, you increase the chances of it passing first time. The best time for carrying out such checks is one month prior to the MOT test date or when a service is due.

One of the first checks that are recommended to be carried out is a road test. Most of the time, drivers can monitor their motorhome as they are driving. However, if an issue develops slowly it can be hard to identify. Some hidden issues can be anything from the motorhome leaning slightly, suggesting a worn suspension, or pulling to one side when braking gently. If any pulling occurs this could mean your brakes needing fixing.

Additionally, external fittings need to be checked over. Remember to include in the checks that doors are opening and closing correctly and registration plates are clear and not cracked. Regarding the chassis, corrosion needs to be looked out for; particularly around the suspension, body and seatbelt mountings. If any is discovered, this needs to be dealt with before it worsens. Checking for corrosion around the brakes is also a must.

For on road visibility, the windscreen wipers need to be examined. Look for any rough edges and splits, and ensuring they stay firm against the windscreen.

One of the most vital inspections is your motorhome’s wheels and tyres. These are best examined when taken off the vehicle; this way you can see the suspension and brakes clearly too. Look out for cuts, bulges and any distortions on the tyres.

Lastly, inspection of road lights, fuel, emissions and exhaust is vital. Remember to keep safety at the forefront of your mind when testing your motorhome. At C&N Car Services we have the facilities to carry out motorhome servicing and MOTs. That means you can be assured of a professional, reliable service.

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