Make sure your motorhome passes its MOT

There is no point in owning a motorhome if you are not going to care for it. You must carry out essential maintenance in order to keep it in great condition. This includes tests like motorhome MOTs.

Passing your MOT check with flying colours

The Ministry of Transport introduced the MOT test in 1960. The purpose of it is to check that vehicles are safe enough to be on the road. They now also have to meet emission standards. Your vehicle will need to pass an MOT test every year to confirm that it is roadworthy.

It can be daunting when you take your vehicle in for its MOT test. A lot of the time, the reasons for failing it are small faults that you could have fixed yourself beforehand. You can help your vehicle avoid some common failures by taking the time to carry out some minor checks.

A checklist

Make sure the registration plates are in good condition; they also need to be easily readable.

Have a look at the filler cap as well as the seal around it to check for any damage.

Test the steering wheel, brakes, and handbrake to see if they are working as they should do.

Do a check of the horn to make sure it works; it should be loud and clear.

Test all the lights to check that they are working correctly and then replace any blown bulbs. The lights include the brake, indicators, rear, hazard, fog, and headlights.

Anything that obstructs the driver’s view of the road is dangerous. Make sure wiper blades are not worn and then remove anything that could block the view like stickers.

Make sure the mirrors are secure and intact.

Check that the tyre pressure is correct. You also need to make sure that the tyre tread depth is at least 1.6mm which is the legal minimum.

The tester can actually refuse to complete the inspection if your vehicle is too dirty and cluttered; therefore make sure it is presentable.

Care for your vehicle

motorhome MOTsEven when your MOT test is not due, you need to arrange regular check-ups and servicing for your vehicle. This will extend its life and keep its resale value up. You need to find the right garage who can give your vehicle the attention it needs. If you want to choose the best people to help with things like motorhome MOTs, give C&N a call.