Lowering the downtime of your vehicle fleet

We are a local independent garage that works tirelessly to get every vehicle back on the road. Ours is the foremost team specialising in vehicle repairs Aintree has. Thanks to the skilful people here, we can accommodate even the most complex needs.

fleet vehicle servicingFleet management and maintenance is a hectic and strenuous task. You need to handle driver training in addition to looking after the vehicles. On top of this, you must also adhere to many safety regulations and legal requirements. While all this is going on, you will likely feel pressure to increase efficiency and productivity, as well as cutting how much you spend.

In spite of all this, vehicle downtime is one of the most annoying parts of the process. You need to keep it to a minimum so your vehicles are working for you. In order to avoid problems here, we recommend following the advice below on reducing vehicle downtime.

Avoid expensive and hard to repair vehicles

Vehicle repairs AintreeTo start off, you should purchase vehicles that aren’t too expensive or hard to repair. This shall depend on the service you offer or business you run. Specialist models are vital in a number of fields. However, your vehicle choices can make a big difference to the time and cost of repairs.

Some manufacturers are hesitant to inform buyers of the price of vehicle repairs. Yet, insurance companies are beginning to reveal these details. You should look into them before you commit.

Commercial vehicles differ to the consumer car market. Saying this, you can apply the same basic principles. Valuable and expensive designs normally need more time to fix. In addition, ones with extra equipment have more elements that can encounter faults. For the greatest vehicle repairs Aintree can give, contact our team.

Speed limiters

Something else you should think about is installing speed limiters. One thing fleet operators don’t want is to see their vehicles breaking the speed limit. This will increase the risk of downtime and accidents. Moreover, speeding can harm the vehicles and put other road users in danger. Because of this, speed limiters have become an attractive idea.

This does sound like a foolproof idea. However, figures show less than 5% of fleet vehicles have one. Some believe that objections coming from the drivers are the primary reason why more don’t use the technology. The objections can result in an unhappy workforce. However, regulating vehicles to the national speed limit is going to lead to fewer accidents, safety enhancements, and fuel savings. You are going to minimise downtime, even if journeys take longer.

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