Is this why my air conditioning isn’t working?

Many people don’t give their car’s air conditioners much thought. This is a mistake as the system is among the most significant ones in the vehicle. Even here in the UK, there are times when the weather can get really hot. When it does, you will need to count on the air con to keep everyone cool. If yours has broken down, then you should let our team know. We have a reputation for providing the finest air conditioning service Liverpool has ever seen.

You need to look after your air con

Air conditioning service LiverpoolAir conditioning units typically have a long lifespan. On average, they can last between 10 and 15 years. You will only have to do the minimal amount of maintenance or repairs too. To make certain your units last, you must determine the source of any faults you encounter. In addition, you will have to fix them at the first given opportunity. The following are some of the most common air conditioning problems as well as their causes.

Sometimes, people will find that their unit is not blowing cold air out. This leads to them inefficiently cooling the space. Possible causes of situations like these include dirty or blocked evaporator or condenser parts. Furthermore, you may have set the thermostat too high. What you will want to do here ask professionals to clean the system.

A leaky unit

Air conditioning service LiverpoolYour air con could also be leaking water. Leaks occur for numerous reasons. In some cases, you can do the repairs yourself. However, experts will have to handle the rest.

One of the components in the system may be blocked or broken, resulting in the leak. This can happen to the condenser and pump. Similarly, there could be an obstruction of the drain hole because debris or dirt can build up here. In this scenario, water can overflow, leading to the leak. To overcome this problem, all you must do is clear any blockages you encounter.

When there is no clear reason for the leak, chances are you are facing a technical issue. The ideal course of action here would be to contact us for the greatest air conditioning service Liverpool can offer.

The air condenser

Another potential problem would be an air condenser that has simply ceased running. The most obvious culprit here is the power. It could have tripped. Therefore, you should ensure that no fuses have blown. Have a look for electrical faults inside the unit. To free yourself from risk of injury, it would be in your best interest to have us do some repairs.

The best place for an air conditioning service in Liverpool

At C&N Car Services, we are fully aware of all the faults that can occur with your system. Thankfully, we know about the most effective solutions to rectify them too. As a result we can offer the best solutions.

If you need a first class air conditioning service, Liverpool has no garage more suitable than ours. Contact us today to arrange one.