Hybrid Car Servicing

At C&N Car Services Limited we strive to offer the very best level of service for every single customer. We have the skills and equipment to provide MOTs and services for various vehicles. This includes specialist hybrid car servicing for modern cars with multiple power sources. So, if you need any help, rely on us.

The number of hybrid cars on the roads in the UK continues to rise. More and more people are moving to vehicles that are partially or even entirely electric. There are many reasons why, including that they consume less fuel and emit less CO2. They are especially great for urban use where the driver can make short trips solely on the electric power.

Hybrid Car Servicing

hybrid car serviceThe thing to keep in mind about hybrid cars is it is crucial to maintain them. They have advanced technology that needs proper upkeep. However, if you are proactive you can get lots of benefits. For example, regular servicing will protect the batteries and ensure they are healthy. This in turn can make them last longer and ensure your vehicle has a great range.

Most hybrid car services are the same as those for regular cars. In addition to the usual checks though, there are a few extra ones. For example there will be a diagnostic battery health check. This will look at the condition and how well it charges. If the vehicle has a charging port, the service will also check this.

One of the most important parts of hybrid car servicing is an oil change. Depending on your driving though, you may not need to do this as frequently. What you need to remember is you will be primarily using electric power on short local trips. It is only when you have to reach high speeds that you will use the combustion engine.

Types Of Servicing

Just like with normal vehicle services, hybrid car owners can choose either an interim or full service. The scheduling is the same as with a full petrol or diesel car, so every 6 months and every 12 months respectively. You should check the owner’s manual to see what the manufacturer recommends.

A Great Service

If you book a hybrid car service with us you can expect quality and value for money. We are an AutoCare Garage and work to a strict code of practice. In addition, we prioritise customer care.

Our technicians have excellent training and are competent at working with the high voltage systems in these vehicles. More importantly, they have experience using various diagnostic tools.

To arrange hybrid car servicing today, simply contact us. We will find the perfect time slot for you.