How much are car services?

C&N Car Services is a garage that provides its customers with first rate assistance with their vehicles. However, there is more to us than simply being an excellent garage. Another essential part of our business is answering any and all queries. One of the most common questions people ask us is – how much are car services? We are happy to provide quotes and advice.

You may be someone that is new to the motoring world. If you are, you will probably be surprised at how much you need to spend to keep a car running every year. From repairs and fuel bills to insurance and tax, costs can accumulate rapidly. To aid newcomers in coming to terms with the costs, we will take a look into the average price for car servicing.

A steady rise

The money people spend on car servicing has seen a steady rise annually. This is roughly in line with inflation. In the foreseeable future, we expect things to keep progressing in the same way. This is a market that is highly competitive in the UK. There are no signs out there to suggest this will change either. As a result make sure you keep some wiggle room in your future budgets.

Full and interim services

How Much Are Car ServicesIt is also important to understand the differences between a full car service and an interim one. Interim replaces the oil as well as the filter. In addition, the technician should top up screen wash, coolants, and lubricants. Several basic inspections take place too.

As for the full service, the technician will replace any micro filters, the air, fuel, and oil filters, and the oil. Furthermore, they drain and replace the coolants and fluids. There are more checks too, ensuring the vehicle is safer.

The specific service you require shall depend on the schedule that the manufacturer produces. You must follow this if you want to stick to your warranty. Doing so will also ensure your vehicle is as safe as possible.

The costs

car servicingNow, we will discuss prices to give you a better answer to the question how much are car services? We have multiple examples to share. Remember that these are averages and not set in stone numbers. For a Nissan Micra 2014, a full service should cost around £155. As for the ever popular Ford Focus 2014, the price is £205. Last but not least, there is the BMW M235i 2014. A full service should set you back around £395.

Right now, you may be curious as to why there are such large differences with the pricing. The element that will have the most substantial impact is the variety of oil you need. Specialist and synthetic oils are the most expensive. Moreover, filters cost considerably more on sports cars than on popular models.

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At C&N Car Services, we can supply customers with the broadest array of servicing solutions. We have more technical equipment than the majority of franchise dealerships and the most skilful individuals handling it all. Our garage is spacious so we can service any model of car as well as large vehicles like motorhomes.

If you have any questions for us such as how much are car services, please get in touch. We are happy to give you a quote.