Give yourself a better chance at success

Vehicles break down eventually, and you must make sure that you have a garage you can trust to help when they do. Having spent years assisting a large variety of customers with their requirements, we’ve built quite the reputation for ourselves as a dependable establishment. It could be motorhome MOTs that you need or something similar. Whatever the case, we’ll ensure that you receive the necessary attention.

Timely repairs and frequent servicing are the initial steps towards having a successful MOT test. It’s possible to increase the likelihood of a first-time pass by performing a DIY pre-MOT examination. This will give you the opportunity to rectify any complications before your test day arrives. The ideal time is one month prior. Should your motor appear sound, you’ll be permitted to put it forward for an early test and obtain a 13-month certificate if all goes well.

Take a test drive

The majority of drivers observe their vehicle whilst they’re driving. However, if issues arise slowly, some people fail to perceive them. A good suggestion would be to take a special trial drive to locate any hidden troubles. If your motorhome leans more than usual on standard bends, it could be a sign that you’ve worn your suspension dampers out. Pay attention to any knocks on bad roads, as you might have damaged your suspension bushes too.

When it comes to the vehicle’s structure, be on the lookout for corrosion on the underbelly and chassis. Concentrate on the seatbelt mountings, suspension, and body here. If there is any corrosion, get rid of it before things escalate. Once you’ve scrapped the rust away, give the area a tap with your hammer. A dull thud is a sign that your repairs are necessary.

At C&N Car Services, we work with the DVLA to make certain that we update our services whenever any changes occur. Roadworthiness demands are stricter these days, so you must stay on top of everything if you want to keep driving. We make sure our motorhome MOTs help you do this.

If you need any aid from us relating to MOTs, feel free to contact our garage anytime.