Fault finding is crucial for your motorhome

No one wants to waste their money, so why fail to maintain your motorhome? This can stop it from running as efficiently as it could do. You need to remember to carry out all necessary care, including booking regular motorhome MOTs.

Don’t ignore warning lights

A light might start flashing on the dashboard of your vehicle. This indicates that there is a fault somewhere. You need to do something about this as soon as you notice it so that you can address the problem. The longer you leave it, the worse it could potentially get.

EOBD stands for European On Board Diagnostics. This is the self-diagnostic system in the electronics of your vehicle. It monitors the systems that control exhaust emissions and also flags up faults. One of the main ways your vehicle will indicate that there is a fault is through the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) on the dashboard. In some cases an issue resulting in severe emissions can make the vehicle go into ‘limp home’ mode.

Why does the MIL light come on?

You can find out why the MIL is lit up with a scan of the EOBD system. Those who understand what to do with the information the scan provides can then use the answers to help with a diagnostic procedure.

There are many different reasons why the MIL is lit. If the vehicle has a diesel engine it could be a jumped timing belt or chain, a dirty air filter, or one of many other potential problems. A lot of these issues won’t result in further damage in the short term but will eventually.


motorhome MOTsThe fault will not miraculously fix itself if you leave it alone, regardless of how much you wish this would happen. It is important that someone diagnoses the issue and then carries out fault finding as well as component testing on your vehicle.

C&N can assist clients looking to keep their motorhomes in a great condition. We offer a range of services including diagnostics as well as regular motorhome MOTs or servicing. Expect a professional service from us every time.