Even motorhomes in storage need servicing

A vehicle is an investment and motorhomes can offer a lot of value, giving you the chance to travel in comfort and see various sights. Motorhome servicing is a critical way of keeping your vehicle running effectively. You can also establish whether there are any issues that you need to deal with.

Servicing Is Vital

When you read your vehicle manual you will discover that it tells you to get it serviced every so often or after so many miles. Generally it is either every year or after 10,000 miles. This isn’t offering you a choice as to how long to wait; it is actually whichever comes first.

Even if you haven’t driven your vehicle in a long time, you still need to carry out maintenance. If you don’t then you are leaving your motorhome at risk of various issues. These can be uncovered and dealt with when you have an expert carry out a thorough inspection.

Issues That Can Develop

It can appear counterintuitive to carry out vehicle maintenance when you haven’t driven it for a while. Even if this is the case, or you do not have plans to drive in the near future, it is important.

Fluids like oil will break down over time so they will need changing. It can also be useful to top them up as areas such as the engine and battery can corrode otherwise. The brakes can also deteriorate and rust so they need looking at.

Other areas that might become corroded are the various belts and wires of your vehicle. It is important that you know that there isn’t damage like this before taking your motorhome on a trip. Valves and cylinders might also corrode from a lack of movement and oil.

You need to have your vehicle checked for these things so that you know that it is safe to drive. You can also stop any issues getting to a serious point where they will cost you a lot of money to fix.

It is wise for you to take your vehicle out for a regular drive even if you don’t plan on using it. To help keep your motorhome in excellent condition, you should also get in touch with us. We can carry out various jobs in order to make sure that there are no issues.

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