Ensuring the safety of your motorhome through an MOT

If you own one then you will be aware of the fact that motorhome MOTs are a vital part of ownership. It is a legal requirement, but some people do not realise why it is so important for you and your safety when on the road.

Don’t Risk It

An MOT consists of an annual check on various areas of your vehicle. It looks at safety and road worthiness which is why it is so vital. It is illegal for you to drive your vehicle without a valid MOT. This means that you can face a fine of up to £1,000 and even prosecution. Without it you are also at risk of serious problems which can be costly to fix and even fatal.

Uncovering Issues

Within an MOT, a professional will inspect numerous elements. Some examples include:

– Brakes, pedals, levers and also relevant warning lights
– The condition of tyres and road wheels
– The security of seat belts
– Lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment
– Steering as well as suspension

The two most serious faults to come out of an MOT test are the dangerous and major categories. A dangerous aspect is something that poses a direct and immediate risk to road safety. As a result you cannot drive the vehicle until repairing the issue. A major item on the other hand might affect the safety of the vehicle or put other road users at risk. You should also get this repaired immediately.

A lot of issues are not easy to spot by people who are unfamiliar with how vehicles work. This is why you need an MOT before it becomes so serious that it is too late. If a warning light ever comes on or you think that there might be a problem, you should seek out expert help as soon as possible.

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