Ensure your motorhome conversion is legal

So you originally envisioned your own converted motorhome or caravan. It’s finally complete and needs to follow current DVLA laws like every other vehicle owner. Unfortunately, you aren’t sure of the guidelines. Hopefully, the following will help. We discuss important requirements such as getting a motorhome MOT.

Thankfully, most guidelines are similar to any other vehicle. Your converted vehicle will require a motorhome MOT, just like all vehicles. Additionally, if it is over 3 years old it will require this test every year. Any re-registered campervans or converted motorhomes are classed in the IV category with vehicles designed for goods. Therefore they are subject to a VII test and have to weigh between 3000 and 3500KG.

Furthermore, a converted motorhome must have a minimum set of features so it can qualify by DVLA standards. These are the following:

– Access to the living area through a door.
– A bed; this can be either standalone or as a pullout from seats but must always be permanently fixed to the motorhome during the daytime. The bed also has to be a minimum of 6 feet in length.
– A water storage tank has to be in the motorhome or on it.
– There has to be a minimum of one window in the accommodation area.
– A form of fixed storage such as a wardrobe or cupboard.
– A fixed cooking facility aboard ran on either electricity or gas.
– A permanently fitted seating/dining area.

Keeping this criterion in mind, the DVLA will require you take photographic evidence for your motorhome conversion. Copies of any receipts from the work carried out should also be retained. This ensures your converted vehicle can be approved for the V5C change.

Once these steps have been completed and are DVLA approved, it will require a motorhome MOT to ensure it is safe to drive on the road. C&N Car Services specialise in providing such services and we’d be delighted to perform them on your newly converted vehicle.

If you need our expertise, please contact us today. Appointments are available at times to suit you and we have spacious facilities to accommodate various sized motorhomes.