C&N winter health check

Winter is the hardest time of year for drivers. The cold, wet conditions can make it much trickier to drive safely. If you want to stay safe on the roads, it is a good idea to bring your vehicle to us. One of our technicians can look at your car and give you advice.

Free 5 Point Winter Health Check

Aintree service centreWe are so passionate about reducing the risk of issues this winter that we are offering a free 5 point health check for vehicles. If you come to us we will check:

  • Tyres
  • Wipers
  • Battery
  • Lights
  • Fluid Levels

These are your vehicles’ basic needs this winter. If there are any problems with any of them we will tell you what we recommend. This could be as simple as topping up fluid or replacing tyres as well as bulbs. You can expect a great service at the most reliable Aintree service centre.


Your tyres are your vehicles’ connection to the road. If the tread is too low or illegal, not only will you likely receive a fine if stopped by the police, but in wet or icy situations a lack of tread means a lack of grip on the road. This can make the vehicle slide and mean you lose control. As a result there is a bigger risk you will have an accident.


The windscreen wipers are necessary to give you a clear view of the road ahead whatever the weather. However, they are more important in wet or snowy conditions. Effective clearing of your windscreen means that you can be more vigilant of the road ahead.


Surprisingly, battery failure in winter is one of the most common call-out requests by the major breakdown services. This is because the conditions make it harder for the battery to retain a charge. Don’t become a statistic; have yours checked today.


With the dark nights drawing nearer and the light fading as early as 4pm and sun rising as late as 8am, something as simple as your commute to work becomes a lot more stressful. Make sure you have working lights so your vehicle can be seen at all times.


All fluid levels such as oil and screen wash as well as power steering (if your vehicle has it) need to be checked regularly so that your vehicle performs at its best. In cold temperatures oil becomes thicker and it requires more effort to do its job until the engine is warm. So, making sure the level is correct is very important. Screen wash additive is essential at this time of year too. It will slow down or stop the freezing of your washer jets in cold temperatures.

Get help at the top Aintree service centre

Get in touch today and we will arrange to carry out your free vehicle health check. We will take a close look at the car and give recommendations. If you need repairs we can do a number of them so you can drive away safely.