A clutch is one of the most important parts in any vehicle. It is what engages and disengages the power from the transmission into the wheels. This in turn is what causes the vehicle to move. C&N Car Services Limited can offer support and advice about clutches. Our professional team also provides replacements when necessary.

Most common problems with clutches

ClutchesThe clutch in any kind of vehicle will wear down over time because of the friction. You can extend how long it lasts with careful driving but eventually you will start to notice problems. When you do it is time to get a professional to inspect it and decide if a replacement is necessary.

The most common clutch problem is slippage. This is what happens when you try to engage a gear and it jolts before engaging. If it happens regularly it is a sign that the component is wearing down. A slipping clutch is bad news because it reduces the amount of control you have. It can also put a lot more pressure on the transmission, potentially leading to other problems.

They can also stick or make noises when you try to switch gear. Again, this will affect your ability to control the vehicle. Any banging, squealing or rumbling sounds from the clutch or gearbox should be looked at.

The biting point of your clutch can change over time due to wear. If it lowers too much or too quickly it is a sign you may need a replacement. A loose clutch cable can cause similar issues but the vehicle technician should look into this.

Visit a reliable garage

If you experience any issues with your clutch, it is a good idea to see a professional. C&N Car Services Limited offers consistent services for a wide range of vehicles. Our team are professional and have excellent training. As a result, they can find the cause of the issue and advise you on the best course of action. If a replacement is necessary we only use high quality parts.

It is highly important that clutches are in full working order; any issues need addressing immediately. Contact us today if you need any help. We welcome drivers from throughout the local area, including Aintree and Liverpool.