Cheap Car Service Liverpool

Cheap car service LiverpoolC&N Car Services is very proud to be an independent garage. It gives us more freedom to assist clients with their vehicle troubles instead of limiting what we can do. We have top of the line equipment, including the most up to date computer gear and technology, to help resolve everything. Something else you should know about us is that we don’t overcharge. In fact, we are one of the foremost businesses providing a cheap car service Liverpool has to offer.

Our team have a lot of talent

It is not just the equipment and low prices that make our business a success however. The immense talent and experience our team possesses is also very important. They use their skills to advise clients. Regardless of what model your vehicle is, we can always give you useful and insightful advice. This is something we do whilst supplying top tier services that are consistent in their quality.

What is the purpose of a service?

The goal of a car service is to preserve the healthy condition of your vehicle and keep it working. You can expect us to carry out a particular series of tests and examinations. We do this to figure out how reliable and safe the car currently is. Each service adheres to the guidelines of the manufacturer to ensure the work we do is correct. For a cheap car service Liverpool residents can count on, speak to us.

The way services work

Engine oilHow the service plays out will depend on whether you opt for an interim or full one. The main difference is the scheduling. Interim ones are typically every 6 months or roughly 6,000 miles. As for full services, they occur every 12,000 miles or 12 months.

Whether it is full or interim, we will inspect various parts of the exterior and interior of the car. In addition, we will look beneath the bonnet. Filter replacements and oil changes are normally the standard. The outcome could lead to extra tests or repairs if we discover issues.

Should I bring anything?

A common question we get is whether you need to bring anything along when you take your car for a service. It is essential for you to retain a record of the service history. This can offer you several advantages, with increasing the resale value being one of the most notable. Therefore, you should take the car’s log book with you. Furthermore, it may prove mandatory for you to bring the locking wheel nut key.

Booking a cheap car service in Liverpool

Anyone who needs to book an appointment with us can contact us directly by calling the team at 0151 523 4555. You are also welcome to send an email to All vehicle owners are welcome, regardless of make and model. So, for a cheap car service Liverpool has no better garage than our own. Let us keep your vehicle in a great condition.