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When should I first service my new car?

For almost four decades, our local garage has been assisting customers with a wide variety of vehicle concerns. This ranges from simple repairs to full on overhauls. As a result, many people consider C&N to be the number one establishment offering car servicing Liverpool has. We are always thorough with our work and never gloss over anything. Continue reading

New MOT rules mean your vehicle could fail

MOTs are essential tests that ensure vehicles are safe to be on the road. In most cases a vehicle will need to pass its first MOT when it is three years old. However, some vehicles must pass the test after the first year. When you need an MOT Aintree has nobody better than C&N Car Services Limited. We offer tests for cars as well as motorhomes. Continue reading

Are these bad habits damaging your car?

Car services near meAt C&N Car Services we see vehicles in all kinds of conditions. Whatever the state though, we always try to offer the best help. This may be an MOT to check vital safety features or servicing to have a full look at the vehicle. In each case we will offer advice and recommendations. This is why we are the best choice if you are looking for car services near me in Liverpool or Aintree. Continue reading

Ellie May’s aim to encourage females to become mechanics

C&N is an independent garage in Aintree. We strive to offer first class services to the local area. We are an MOT test centre and car service garage with competent mechanics and technicians. As a result, our team can accommodate various needs and will give your vehicle our full attention. This means that whatever the issue, we give you a solution you can rely on. Continue reading

What is in a full car service?

A big part of being a responsible vehicle owner is regularly investing in a full car service. Unfortunately, it isn’t a legal requirement like MOTs are. Because of this, people often end up confused over how often it is necessary, what precisely it is that you need, and what it includes. So, regardless of whether this is your first car or you just want to make sure you are clear on the rules of servicing, this article should be useful. Continue reading

Aintree Car Centre

C&N is the Aintree car centre with over 35 years of experience, making ours the business you can count on. We are passionate about being the best when it comes to providing reliable services for your car or motorhome. This, along with friendly customer care, is the reason we generate so much business from our stellar reputation as a great family garage. Continue reading