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How much are car services?

C&N Car Services is a garage that provides its customers with first rate assistance with their vehicles. However, there is more to us than simply being an excellent garage. Another essential part of our business is answering any and all queries. One of the most common questions people ask us is – how much are car services? We are happy to provide quotes and advice. Continue reading

Is your motorhome ready for the winter?

If there is one company out there that knows its way around a vehicle, it is us. We belong to the Approved Garage Scheme and have far more equipment at our disposal than a regular garage. As a result, we are ready for every situation. Since this is the case, people consider us the leading business for motorhome servicing Liverpool has available. Continue reading

Can I service my car at any garage?

Can I service my car at any garageBuying a new car is a fantastic experience but a lot of people worry about what to do in terms of servicing. There is a lot of confusion about where you have to take the vehicle, especially if you want to keep it under warranty. As a result we get the question, can I service my car at any garage, quite often. Luckily, we can give people clear advice. Continue reading

C&N winter health check

Winter is the hardest time of year for drivers. The cold, wet conditions can make it much trickier to drive safely. If you want to stay safe on the roads, it is a good idea to bring your vehicle to us. One of our technicians can look at your car and give you advice. Continue reading

Stay safe in the cold and check your vehicle

MOTs LiverpoolLet’s face it – in the UK, the weather is not exactly always pleasant. In fact it tends to often be cold and wet. While you might think you will be safe in your car driving around, you do need to take care. The cold weather can make it very dangerous to drive. In addition, it can harm your car. This includes the fact that plummeting temperatures can result in underlying mechanical issues escalating. C&N can help you care for your vehicle with our leading services. For example, we offer the MOTs Liverpool can rely on and much more. Continue reading

When should I first service my new car?

For almost four decades, our local garage has been assisting customers with a wide variety of vehicle concerns. This ranges from simple repairs to full on overhauls. As a result, many people consider C&N to be the number one establishment offering car servicing Liverpool has. We are always thorough with our work and never gloss over anything. Continue reading

New MOT rules mean your vehicle could fail

MOTs are essential tests that ensure vehicles are safe to be on the road. In most cases a vehicle will need to pass its first MOT when it is three years old. However, some vehicles must pass the test after the first year. When you need an MOT Aintree has nobody better than C&N Car Services Limited. We offer tests for cars as well as motorhomes. Continue reading