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Is this why my air conditioning isn’t working?

Many people don’t give their car’s air conditioners much thought. This is a mistake as the system is among the most significant ones in the vehicle. Even here in the UK, there are times when the weather can get really hot. When it does, you will need to count on the air con to keep everyone cool. If yours has broken down, then you should let our team know. We have a reputation for providing the finest air conditioning service Liverpool has ever seen. Continue reading

Here’s the truth about car servicing

Every car owner will tell you that repairs shall be necessary at one point or another. You might not have any preference for where you take your vehicle. However, you need to be careful. You don’t want to go somewhere that does not possess the technical equipment or expertise to offer a top calibre solution. This isn’t the case with us. We are the foremost garage providing a full service Liverpool has. Continue reading

The deeper details of an MOT

When someone comes into a garage for any car related services, there is one thing they want. This is a fair and honest experience. That is exactly what we supply to our clients. We have a reputation as the number one place to come to for an MOT Liverpool has. You can rely on our expert team and the top tier equipment we use to do the job. Continue reading

An explanation of who can service a brand new car

New carWe are an independent garage that does all we can to help the people who come through our doors. A vehicle can break down for many reasons. It is our job to see what is wrong and deal with the problem. We also aim to prevent worse issues from popping up by offering interim and full servicing. Rest assured that we go through the full car service checklist. Continue reading

How much are car services?

C&N Car Services is a garage that provides its customers with first rate assistance with their vehicles. However, there is more to us than simply being an excellent garage. Another essential part of our business is answering any and all queries. One of the most common questions people ask us is – how much are car services? We are happy to provide quotes and advice. Continue reading

Is your motorhome ready for the winter?

If there is one company out there that knows its way around a vehicle, it is us. We belong to the Approved Garage Scheme and have far more equipment at our disposal than a regular garage. As a result, we are ready for every situation. Since this is the case, people consider us the leading business for motorhome servicing Liverpool has available. Continue reading