Air Conditioning Service Liverpool

C&N Car Services is an establishment that works very hard to keep people on the road. Our job is to make certain that everything is working as it should. This includes all the essential components under the bonnet and the ones inside. For example we offer the finest air conditioning service Liverpool has ever seen. Despite what you might think, this is one of the most important parts of any vehicle.

The air conditioning looks after you

It is up to the air conditioning to keep you and everyone else cool when the temperatures start rising. This is critical for your wellbeing and health. Furthermore, the cold can aid the driver in concentrating while they are on the road. There are few who value the significance of this system more than we do. That is why we go out of our way to supply a full service to you.

Issues with the system

Air conditioning service LiverpoolDrivers can experience several issues with their air conditioning. One example would be awful smells. Such a situation can pop up due to fungi, bacteria, and similar microorganisms. What they do is enter the system and thrive there because it is dark and wet. To overcome this problem, it is best to have us flush the system.

As time passes, the amount of cold air that the air conditioning is offering can begin to fall. The culprit here is a low level of gas refrigerant. In addition, it is possible for the system’s seals to dry out and cause leaks. We can help you rectify this problem by topping the refrigerant up. If the situation calls for it, we can also repair the seals. We will spot the cause of the issue while ensuring you get the best air conditioning service Liverpool can provide.

No cooling

air conIf you find there is no cooling whatsoever, there could be debris, grime, or dirt on your condenser. This halts the air and it stops flowing properly. It is another issue that will require us to flush the system out. Sometimes, the condenser will be too old to flush or have been broken. It is better to get a replacement in these cases.

Compressor trouble can lead to a loss or drop in cooling as well. In many instances, it is not going to be difficult to make repairs. Replacing the oil is one thing you will definitely want us to do here.

Book an air conditioning service in Liverpool

We do consider our garage to be a brilliant one. However, there is more to us than that. For instance, we are a member of the GROUPAUTO network. Therefore, we adhere to a TSI-approved code of practice. Moreover, we are audited independently to guarantee that we meet the highest standards. So, when you require an air conditioning service Liverpool can offer you no provider superior to us.

Anyone who needs our assistance or who has any enquiries can contact us. You are free to do this by email or over the phone. Our number is 0151 523 4555. The email address to use is