Advice to try and help your motorhome avoid MOT failure

A vehicle of any kind is an investment that you will need to keep in good condition. Motorhome MOTs are simply one part of the essential maintenance that you cannot ignore. When it comes time to book yours, choose a reliable family business like ours.

While it will depend on the class of your vehicle and how old it is, most will need an MOT every year. This is a necessity so that you are complying with the law. It is a simple way of checking whether it is safe and roadworthy.

The Most Common Failures

A lot of people who have their vehicle fail an MOT don’t realise that it can happen for very simple reasons. If you take the time to check over some of the more common areas to fail on, you can avoid the time, money and hassle that come with a failure.

Approximately a fifth of vehicles that fail have an issue with the lights and signals. It may be that a bulb has blown or it is in poor condition so check this out before you head to your MOT. Turn them on and take a look, remembering everything like indicators and the lights for the number plate.

The suspension is another area often overlooked. When going about everyday driving you should listen out for noises. While going over bumpy roads and cornering, do you hear anything unusual? As well as this you should consider the level. When parked there shouldn’t be areas too high or low. One thing you can do is push down and see if the vehicle returns to its normal level without bouncing a few times.

Comprehensive Vehicle Maintenance

You will also want to remember to book your annual vehicle service. Not only does this help you know that your vehicle is safe; in addition it makes sure it is running efficiently. Servicing involves a more in-depth check of the health. Through this you may uncover an unknown issue lurking that needs dealing with before it becomes serious and costly.

C&N Car Services is here to provide you with the work you need including motorhome MOTs or servicing. Discover more about what we do by browsing our site and contacting us at 0151 523 4555.