A checklist so you enjoy your motorhome all year round

A trip with a motorhome, whether across the world or in your own country, can result in fantastic memories. But, it is important to care for the vehicle if you want to enjoy it for a long time. As part of this it is good to get regular comprehensive motorhome services. There are also several things you can do on your own to prevent faults.

Is Everything Stable?

With the added space you get in a motorhome compared to cars, you can take more away with you. This is great for many reasons but you have to be careful. Overfilling can be a hazard when you get on the road because loose things can move around. To prevent this you should invest in quality fastenings, ensuring you fix larger items in place. In addition, ensure that storage only opens when you want it to.

Keep Your Fluids Topped Up

There is oil, coolant, screen wash, brake fluid and more to remember when checking on the different fluid levels in your motorhome. They are all vital so look at them regularly. You can then be sure that they are sufficient, giving you peace of mind.

Necessary Cleaning

You should always keep on top of cleaning so that your motorhome does not become messy and dirty. There are other important reasons beyond this, such as not encouraging pests to visit. You should avoid carrying around little things that are not necessary. More importantly though, you do not want damp and mould to develop when it is so easy to prevent. Remember to air everything out and remove any old food.

Book Regular Servicing

One of the best and most important things you can do for your valuable vehicle is to have an expert take a look. Through motorhome services you ensure various elements get a full inspection. It can highlight any repairs and numerous other forms of work that you may require. This allows for efficient running and confidence that there are no hidden issues. Don’t forget your annual MOT either.

To care for your vehicle the best way possible, let C&N Car Services help you. Our motorhome services are detailed, allowing us to carry out what it needs to keep it in amazing condition. Our facilities are fantastic, large enough to accommodate various motorhomes. Whether you have a small model or a large tourer, we can service the vehicle.