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Tips for keeping your motorhome ready for servicing

It’s safe to say most don’t like or want to think about vehicle MOTs, especially for motorhomes; there’s so many components that could potentially make it fail it’s test. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. By getting motorhome servicing regularly and repairing when necessary, you increase the chances of it passing first time. The best time for carrying out such checks is one month prior to the MOT test date or when a service is due. Continue reading

If possible check for balance issues

Our garage has served the local community for almost four decades, aiding people whenever there is a problem with their vehicles. Being experts on motorhome MOTs, we can assess the vehicle’s condition and inform you whether there are any issues present that need resolving. If you are after a dependable, first class service, we recommend that you pay us a visit. Continue reading